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It's alright, no big deal

Looking from a distance, seems like I've lost it all
and everyone around me is waiting for this girl to fall
But my heart isn't missing I just lost control
If I don't know why, Why would I know how ?

I've been working with the devils trying to exorcize
My feelings I've been hiding down in the darker side
There wasn't any trading, I never sold my soul
I'm simply moving on; Going, gone...

I think I'm losing the fight
To make sense of it all

Got to build on my lie
So I'm safe from the fall
I'm subjected, expected to know what I feel
But I don't feel nothing
It's alright, no big deal

How can I expect anybody to understand
I've been sadly mistreating all of my own demands
Now all I need is freedom, not this ego-land
Wanna do no wrong I'm simply moving on
I'm going, going, gone...

And after all I know, there's nothing left to say
And if it's all my fault I'll take it all
I'm moving on ; Going, going, gone...

Какая-то правильная музыка попадается в последнее время